I am interested in a double sided fireplace, is this part of the Escea model range?

Unfortunately Escea do not offer a double sided fireplace. Much of our rationale of not offering one is based around efficiencies. Some of the double sided fireplaces on the market are open on one side, and while this creates good ambience it tends to result in large amounts of warm air from the room being sucked up the chimney. Even with fully enclosed double sided fires you often end up heating a room with no people in it when you run the fire. In addition, without a back to the fireplace you cannot reflect the heat back into the room as effectively. Whilst the see-through fire looks good, we feel the drawbacks out weigh the benefits.

Do Escea fireplaces come with a zero clearance rating?

Yes the ST900 is zero rated.

Does Escea offer any freestanding units?

Yes there is a kitset enclosure for the EF5000 outdoor fireplace.

Can I install an Escea fireplace without using an Escea fascia or cover?

No, the Escea fireplaces come with an Escea fascia or cover that is custom made to fit the fireplace.

What types of gas will your fireplaces run on?

All Escea fires will run on either Propane or Natural Gas.

Can I use crushed glass inside an Escea fireplace?

No, Escea have a Crystalite fuel bed which gives the effect of crushed glass. Crystalite fuel beds come in Blue, Black and Transparent.