Escea USA Architectural Support

Some Of Our Installations

ST900 Indoor Gas Fireplace

“I purchased a linear ESCEA gas fireplace for my home. It fits perfectly into my modern décor and I love the quality, the full surface burner and the energy efficiency. I also like that it comes with a radio frequency remote control, allowing me to turn it on or change the flame setting from almost anywhere in my home. I would highly recommend this product.”

Herman D. - Whitefish, MT 2014

ST900 Indoor Gas Fireplace

"Our Escea fireplace has changed our lives completely - we LOVE it!"

Tracey, CA

EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

"Outdoor living"

Arthur K. - Venice, CA

EF5000 Outdoor Gas Fireplace

Patricia M.

One of our North American architects is Juergen Partridge Limited. For over 30 years, Juergen Partridge Limited has added to the beauty and culture of the Greater Toronto Area. Whether it is brand new construction or a building that needs better curb appeal, they have the experience and crew to turn your dreams into reality. Find more info and design inspiration at

For one of their latest design creations they used the ESCEA EF5000 Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace. Beautiful work, guys!

Home Improvement

What an amazing development! Our EF5000 Stainless Steel Gas Fireplace gives this garden a complete new look and feel. Do you have a small garden or apartment that needs a helping hand? Email us. We will assist and guide you through the development process.