Luxury Direct-vent Eco-friendly Fireplaces

The ESCEA Indoor gas fireplace is a sleek, contemporary style fireplace. Its low energy consumption makes it efficient and flexible. Compared to similar sized open fire it uses just a third of energy. Running completely silent this extra source of heat makes an ideal addition to any smaller room such as offices, home theaters or bedrooms. The direct vent technology ensures the fireplace will not impact on room air quality. The range of contemporary fuel beds and the optional stone finishes provide abundant possibilities for a personalized indoor fireplace.

The ST900 has optional reflective side panels which give the illusion of a wider fireplace and fuel bed. The low gas consumption makes this decorative fireplace a perfect secondary heat source. Due to its shallow depth and zero clearance this luxurious fireplace fits almost anywhere in private and commercial buildings. Easy to install and maintain, a flat-screen TV can be safely placed above. As it does not rely on mains electricity to operate, the ST900 still operates during power outages. This fireplace come standard with full function thermostatic remote and seven day timer.